Friday, December 26, 2014

Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

It is just about that time of the year again! What time do you ask? The time to start making your New Year's Resolutions. I bet many of you are thinking, "this year I really am sticking to my resolutions," or "I want to lose weight this year" or "I'm really going to start going to the gym." Whatever you are planning to do in the New Year, here are some tips to make your resolutions stick!

Tip #1: Be Specific!
Write down your goals and be as specific as you can. Saying "I am going to eat healthier," is too vague. Plus, do you know what "healthier" is? Do you know how you plan to "get healthy." Create action goals like "eat at least 2 fruits per day" or "replace 1 sweetened beverage per day with water." Goals like this are specific and can help you to reach your "get healthy goal."

Tip #2: Make it Meaningful!
Don't just make a "weight-loss goal" or "give up chocolate" because that is what everyone else is doing. Make a goal that is important to you and you are more likely to see it through.

Tip #3: Choose Your Reward!
Keep yourself motivated by offering a reward after you reached each small goal. These rewards can be: a massage, movie night, etc. You can also stay motivated by tracking your success on a calendar. Let's say that your resolution is to "Eat 2 fruits per day for 3 days/week." For each day you had 2 pieces of fruit you can put a smiley face on the date.

Tip #4: Make it Realistic!
Don't set your goal too high where you are setting yourself up for failure. A non-realistic goal would be to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. While losing 20 pounds can be a good end goal, think about how much weight-loss per week is realistic for you! Set up small steps to reach your goal and keep you on track!

Tip #5: Make it Timely!
Keeping tip #4 in mind, think about how long you want to give yourself to reach your goal. Will your resolution take 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? An example could be,"I will lose 20 pounds in 4 months." Keeping in mind tips #1-4 you can also say, "I will reach my goal by exercising 3 days per week for 30 minutes, etc." Putting a time on your goal can keep you motivated and heading in the right direction.

Remember to keep your goals simple and practical for the most success!

Stay tuned for my next blog on Healthy New Year's Resolution Ideas.

Happy New Year

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