Friday, August 8, 2014

Fudgy Cake Brownies (Grain-free)

Yesterday, I went on a grain-free/gluten-free baking kick. This happens to me about once a week :) I made cupcakes, muffins, chips, and BROWNIES. The cupcakes/muffins came out pretty well, the chips tasted like cardboard (no exaggeration), and the brownies were amazing! After some alteration on a few different recipes, I finally found my prize winning brownie. I literally ate 4 right out of the oven, they were that good. While I am still a fan of my black bean brownies (more moist) these are my favorite. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Fudgy Cake Brownies (Grain-free)
1/2c butter (grass-fed, unsalted)
1/3c + 1/4c  unsweetened chocolate chips
5 eggs
3/4c raw honey
1/3c almond flour (sifted)
1/4c cocoa powder
1tsp vanilla
1/4tsp baking soda
dash salt

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F and grease a 9x13" pan.
2. Melt: butter and 1/3c chocolate. Set aside.
3. Beat: eggs and honey. Add: flour, cocoa, vanilla, baking soda, salt.
4. Add: melted chocolate.
5. Stir in 1/4c chocolate chips.
6. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool. Cut. Enjoy!!

Nutrition Facts: (approximately 36 yield; just the way I cut them)
Calories: 65
Fat: 3.7g
Sodium: 43mg
CHO: 8g
Sugar: 7g
Protein: .8g

Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Boxed Mix: (For comparison purposes)
Calories: 160
Fat: 7g
Sodium: 100mg
CHO: 24g
Sugar: 17g
Protein: 1g