Monday, December 29, 2014

Healthy New Year's Resolution Ideas

It is just about the New Year and that makeover!  Cue the 200 people who say, "January 1st I am starting my diet." If your wondering, I met about 100 of those people at work in the past month. Maybe your looking for something different as a resolution? Or maybe, you want to be "healthy," but don't know where to start. This is where I come in! Here are my top 5 resolution ideas :)

Idea #1: Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle
Weight-loss can sometimes bring on some "not-so-healthy" behaviors. Fad diets, unsafe supplements, and extremely low-calorie plans are just a few of the many methods for the "quick fix." Being healthy is not about being on a diet. It's not about making changes that you can only keep for 3-4 weeks (because they are that extreme). It's not about cutting out everything you enjoy. Being healthy is about choosing nutrient-rich foods, but indulging every once in a while (if you see fit). It's about a long-term commitment to health. There is no magic pill for weight-loss (even though 90% of people who come to me for nutrition advice expect that). Focus on adopting reasonable and healthy habits that your can incorporate into your lifestyle. Try goals like: including a fruit or vegetable at each meal/snack, or cutting back on high-calorie/sugary beverage, or choosing lean meats and healthy fats.

Idea #2: Don't Skip Meals
One of the most skipped meals is breakfast, which if you didn't hear already is the most important meal of the day. Skipping meals can slow your metabolism (impairing your body from burning calories efficiently) and lead to overeating. Think about it, you skip breakfast, run to work, and are faced with the best looking donuts. Your blood sugar has dropped, your energy is poor, and wow those donuts look good. If instead, you had a balanced breakfast (protein, fat, carbohydrates) like eggs and a side of fruit, you might have more of the "willpower" to walk away without indulging. Cheers to a fully and happy breakfast belly! Remember, keep your meals simple and balanced with some healthy protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Idea #3: Enjoy Family Meals
Eating family meals is a great way to get all members to adopt healthier habits. Make a plan each week to choose and prepare a new fruit or vegetable. Get other family members involved in the meal planning and challenge your family to create their own healthy meal ideas! When everyone gets involved, they are more likely to try new foods.

Idea #4: Exercise
While nutrition is a huge part of the resolution planning, exercise is another. Get fit together with a friend to help keep you motivated. Try new exercise classes, a new walking route, or grab a fitness DVD to change it up! Remember to track your progress and goals to stay with your plan!

Idea #5: Personal Change
Maybe you are not one to partake in the nutrition/fitness aspect of the resolutions. Another idea can be to think about what personal change you want to make in your life. Maybe it is a business endeavor you want to pursue. Maybe you want to start giving back through volunteering. Maybe you want to focus on being a more open-minded person. Whatever the case may be, start with a year long goal first and then break that into small short-term goals to keep you on track.

Wondering what my New Year's Resolution is? I am going to spend more time on starting my private nutrition practice, aka stop being afraid of making the big decisions :)

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