Monday, February 6, 2017

Top 3 Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

Happy February! How is everyone doing with your resolutions? In January, it seemed a bit easier to get working on those new goals; however, once February hit, is often a bit harder to keep yourself on track. It can be discouraging to lose that momentum when you are trying to start or change a habit. When you find yourself getting off track with any goals or resolutions, it may be a good time to remind yourself why you are doing this. This can help to motivate you to keep moving forward on your healthy lifestyle journey. 

Below are my top 3 tips to help you stick with your New Year's resolutions (or goals for that matter)!

1. Track your progress. 

If you haven't tracked your progress since January, think about starting now. When you track your goal progression, it makes it easier to look back and see how far you have come from your starting point. You can try different methods of tracking like keeping a paper journal (for daily and/or weekly accomplishments), making checkmarks on a monthly calendar, using an app or web-based program, etc. Tracking your progress also comes with planning. If you have a busy lifestyle (like most of us do), try scheduling a time for exercise in your calendar or circling the day where you are going to meal prep. 

2. Re-evaluate your goals. 

Reassess those goals monthly (or even weekly) to see if they need to be altered in any way. The goal you set in January may not be relevant to where you are in February. Also, make sure the goals you set are not too vague or unrealistic. Aiming for a 30-pound weight loss may be a great long-term goal; however, it can also seem a bit intimidating. If you still want to shoot for the weight-loss, think about weekly smaller goals you can focus on, which could mean aiming for 1-2 pounds of weight-loss. Also, when thinking about your goals, ask yourself how you plan to achieve that goal. Do you need to cut back on added sugars, incorporate more exercise, or increase your fiber intake? Breaking down your goals and being more specific about what you are going to do can help you to accomplish them. 

3. Make healthy eating and fitness fun.
Often, preparing healthy meals and exercising can be seen as a chore or something that you SHOULD do (and not WANT to do). Think about switching up your routine to make it more appealing. If you're trying to incorporate more exercise, find a walking partner or coordinate with someone to meet up at the gym. If you're trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, look for fun and different recipes to try. You can even get your family/friends involved by doing a "meal-prep-Sunday" event! Putting a creative spin on your goals can help boost your motivation and positivity, which both can make a huge difference in your healthy lifestyle journey!

Post is co-authored by Felicia Porrazza (Owner & Registered Dietitian at PorrazzaNutrition) and Christine Farinella (Dietetic intern with the University of Delaware that holds a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from West Chester University). 

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